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Hi guys and welcome to Desert Pea Designs. My name is Jordjah and I create contemporary custom crochet designs and crochet eco home and beauty products. I’m local to the beautiful town of Karratha, but I ship all over this wonderful country and overseas.

You might be wondering about our name, it comes from the memories I made as a child with my grandparents who both have sadly passed. They used to come and visit us every winter, here in Karratha. My Pop loved to birdwatch and drink a cup a tea and my Nanna was an amazing watercolour artist. They both loved to have a picnic out in the bush and watch the birds and Nanna would paint the flowers and countryside. She loved to paint blue wrens more than anything, but she also had a love for painting Sturt Desert Peas as they were always flowering when they would visit. They used to let me have a day off school and we would take their old Pajero for a drive out bush. They wouldn’t stop until we found the perfect dry creek bed. Once we found it we would set up our picnic and watch the world go by!

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that create the best memories and that’s what I hope to create for you, memories. The memories of your little one snuggled under a blanket, your favourite winter hat or scarf, your child’s favourite toy, your favourite jumper etc. We are only ever limited by our imagination, let me take your wildest and craziest wishes and make them come true.


Jordjah xx


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P.O. Box 1063, Karratha, Western Australia, 6714

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